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The average parents report spending on prom has gone up over the last several years. Just last year, it was reported to be more than £500.  A big portion of that money absolutely goes to prom dresses. UK schools are holding this end of the year dance more frequently than ever before, and that means a real cost to many families. Because the dress is such a huge part of the event, though, few parents want to cut that budget down, but when it becomes a must, what do you do? These tips can help you find a prom dress that will actually fit your budget.

  • Set Your Budget From The Start: This may seem fairly obvious, but it really is important. You must know, before you ever look at a single prom dress, exactly what you can afford. Prices range extensively, so know what you plan to spend before it ever actually happens. Talk it over with your teen so she knows just what you can afford and restricts her shopping to dresses only in that range.

  • Broaden your Range: Make sure neither of you are set on a particular style before you start shopping. Sure, it's okay to have a few things in mind, but if you're set on an A-line dress or a ball gown, you might be disappointed when you don't find one in your range.
  • Shop Sooner Rather than Later: You likely already have the prom date in mind, right? Even if you're several months away from that date, it's time to start shopping right away. The sooner you begin to shop, the more likely it is that you're going to find a great deal.
  • Shop Online: Traditional shopping is long gone, especially for events like this. You're going to find a far wider selection online when it comes to prom dresses. UK teens often begin their search for the right dress online, and if you find it on site, you can skip an entire day of shopping and trying things on.

It doesn't have to be an ordeal to shop for prom dresses. UK sites like ours make it easier than ever. Take a look at our complete selection now. 


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